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Специалист рисующий проекты в 3D визуализации

Компания ищет дизайнера-технолога корпусной мебели. Нужен английский язык

Who we are:

We are a successfully working bespoke furniture company from UK. Our business is growing and therefore we are looking for an experienced furniture designer to work for us from home.

What we want from you:

• Experience in furniture designs

• Working knowledge of English language, although we speak in Russian too. It's for your own benefit as most of the documentation will be in English.

What we will require from you:

• Attention to the detail as every millimetre in furniture business is important.

• Visualisations of bespoke furniture for the Client. To be done according to the description and measurements provided by us.

• Preparation of technical drawings and cut-list for production using one of below listed programs:

• AutoCAD

• SketchUp

• SolidWorks

• БАЗИС-Мебельщик

What we offer:

• Work from the comfort of your home

• Fixed price per project depending of the difficulty of project.

• Flexible hours of your work. We only care that work is done on time.

Main communication will be over the phone, Viber, Skype or email.

Please send us your CV and portfolio of works.

If you have any questions - contact Marius on phone, Viber or Whatsapp (+44 74 71898519) or by email provided in the contacts section of this add.

Дата объявления13.04.2017
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